Kabobs are a simple, fun way to get the whole family involved in creating dinner!

Kabobs have been around since the dawn of time – literally since man began cooking food with fire.  Normally viewed as a middle-eastern method of cooking, all forms of early man cooked meat on a stick.  There is a reason that we’re still doing it today – it’s fun and it tastes good.

Variations for kabobs are only limited by the imagination.  The basics are a sharp stick – or skewer – and meat.  Any type of meat will work, but the better the cut, the better the kabob.  The perfect meat for making kabobs is trimming from steaks.  Generally speaking, meat that is cubed to around 3/4” – 1” is ideal, but larger and smaller cuts will work fine.

Kabobs can include fresh fruit, vegetables, and pretty much anything else that will hold up to being skewered.  Sometimes we simply put meat on a bamboo skewer and season lightly with our Signature™ Seasoning and call it “steak on a stick”  Once the meat and other edibles have been stuck, the rest is simple… cook over a grill or open fire until the food is cooked to your satisfaction.  USDA recommends that meat be cooked to 145F, but if you are using steak trim, we prefer to keep it closer to 130-135F – but that’s just us…

Nebraska Star® Beef “Loin Tips” are literally tailor made for making kabobs.  This meat is taken directly from our premium, aged beef from which we cut steaks.  It consists of a mixture of Filet, Ribeye, NY Strip and Sirloin – hence our calling it “Loin Tips”  The pieces are cut to approximately 1” cubes and ready to thaw and put on the skewers.  This is a fun meal that couldn’t be simpler.

Article by Steve Johnson