Have you ever struggled to choose a steak cut while eating at a steakhouse or a fine dining restaurant? Most people know what beef cut they want to eat; some prefer roast that has been slowly cooked, while others may enjoy ribeye. 

But, you may not want to purchase the same cut when you shop and cook on your own. It can be because cooking your desired cut may demand more patience and skill than you have currently. So, which Nebraska Star Beef cut should you choose for your dishes? We got you! 

Below, we discuss which beef cut you should choose for various meals!

1. Fast meals: You may be tired after a long day of work and need to cook something that takes less time and energy. In such cases, a hearty steak is a great option for you. Use fast cooking methods like pan frying, broiling, or grilling to cook a steak in no time. However, fast methods, like dry cooking, work best on more tender steak cuts. To elevate your steak, try using our signature seasonings and rubs from Nebraska Star Beef!

2. Grilling or barbecuing: The high, dry heat of a grill or barbecue is ideal for preparing tender steaks like:

— NY strip steak

—T-Bone steak

Ribeye steaks

—Top Sirloin

—Porterhouse steak

—Flank steak (If you buy steak cuts from Nebraska Star Beef, you do not have to marinate it as we age it for maximum tenderness!)

3. Frying: You should choose beef cuts like skirt steak and loin cuts for frying. The tenderness of these cuts makes them flavorful and ideal for frying. You can use seasonings and rubs from Nebraska Star Beef for better taste and more complex flavors. 

4. Roasting or broiling: When we talk about roasting, we imagine a luscious Nebraska Star Beef Round Roast cooking slowly. It helps build that rich, succulent flavor, and seals all the juices inside. However, you should consider the difference between quick, broil-style roasting, and pot roasting. The latter requires long hours of cooking to tenderize the cuts. 

5. Meals you have to wait for: You may have enough time on hand to cook your beef slowly. If so, you can follow the below-mentioned ways: 

  • Braising or stewing: When braising a steak, partially immerse the Nebraska Star Beef Steak or Roast in the liquid after lightly frying it to seal the juices inside. If you decide to stew the beef, do not fry it first. Just pour the liquid as you would. You can choose cuts like chuck steaks, shank cuts, plate steaks, shoulder steaks, and round cuts for this.
  • Pot roasting: Pot roasting means cooking a beef cut in the crock pot or another similar utensil, on low heat while adding liquid regularly. You can purchase cuts like short ribs, rump roasts, chuck steaks, and oxtails brisket for this style of cooking. 

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