5oz All-Natural Filet Mignon

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Size: 5oz
Grade: USDA Choice

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No antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids added.

The Filet Mignon has long been the most elegant cut of beef. At 5oz it's the perfectly portioned filet. All of our steaks are finished on an all vegetarian corn based ration then wet aged 35 days after harvest. We recommend 15 minutes at 400 degrees in a conventional oven, or about 11 minutes on each side in a 375 degree Traeger. The texture of these steaks must be experienced to believe - they literally melt in your mouth - the Nebraska Star Beef Natural 5oz Filet is the ULTIMATE Angus experience. NEVER THAW IN A MICROWAVE - it can damage the product. ALWAYS - thaw in the refrigerator or in a pan of cold water. DO NOT remove the product from cryovac until it has thawed completely.

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Weight 5 oz

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Scott Sager
Exceeded expectations.

I've tried dozens of local, regional and even national providers of filets - but to date - Nebraska Star Beef - is the best. This will be my new - permanent 'go-to' for filets!

Nancy Hypes
Filet Mignon

Absolutely the BEST steak we’ve ever had!!! Definitely 5 stars

Scott Pfeifer
Great steak

This was some of the best that we have had

Richard Priebe
Not as good the 2nd time around

Found out about your Steaks from an RV Campground Store in NE along I-70 near York. Was very impressed with the ones we purchased there. The ones we received in the mail recently were not quite as good as compare to the ones from Omaha Steaks. We actually did a taste test on both at the same time, Omaha won hands down & yours, were your so called TOP of the line, while theirs was just the regular butcher cut. I know each cow is different but, better grading & checking needs to be done on your end, especially at your prices. I wish I could duplicate the 5 OZ. ones I purchased at the Campground/RV park in NE that you supply.

Elizabeth Miner

5oz All-Natural Filet Mignon