Prestige® Angus Tri-Tip

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USDA Choice and Higher

Wet Aged 35+ Days

Trimmed and ready to cook

Weighs 2 – 3 lbs

Our Prestige® Tri-Tip roast is a real treat. We take Tri-Tips a little further than most beef companies. First, we age them 35+ days, then trim, package, and flash freeze at the peak of perfection. If you’re not familiar with the “tri-tip”, it’s one of the best kept secrets in the beef business. It looks like a roast but it eats more like a steak. We prefer to cook them to medium-rare and give them a 10 to 15 minute rest prior to carving. They are as good to eat “as carved” as they are on a sandwich or fajitas.

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Weight 32 oz
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Customer Reviews

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No better Tri Tip anywhere!

Toss that Costco boomerang of Tri Tip out of the cart and get this beauty. It honestly deserves another qualification other than Tri Tip it is so good.
Nobody else is going to wet age this cut longer or better and make you look like a grillmaster guru just for adding heat to it for the right amount of time.
It even comes in an unmarked styrofoam cooler you can hide all those Bud lites in you don't want company to see, but still need to drink or got for 100% off.

Kelvin McCoy

Meat was tender, flavorful, and juicy.