Perfect Half of Beef


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10 (14oz) Prestige® Angus Ribeyes
10 (12oz) Prestige® Angus NY Strips
10 (8oz) Prestige® Angus Filet Mignons
10 (10oz) Prestige® Angus Sirloins
10 (5oz) Prestige® Angus Bottom Sirloins
6 (10oz) Prestige® Angus Skirt Steaks
6 (10oz) Prestige® Angus Flank Steaks
1 Prestige® Angus Hanger Steak (Approx. 2lbs)
2 Prestige® Angus Tri-Tips (Approx. 2-3lbs)
2 Prestige® Angus Chuck Roasts (5lbs)
1 Prestige® Angus Chuck Roast (3lbs)
1 Angus Brisket Flat (Approx. 5-6lbs)
4 Prestige® Loin Tips (2lb Packages)
16 (1/3lb) Prestige® Ground Beef Patties (Packages of 4)
50lbs Prestige® 80/20 Ground Beef (1lb Packages)

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The Perfect Half is the ultimate freezer filler. 130 lbs of premium Nebraska raised Angus beef, perfectly aged, trimmed and packaged for long term storage. We deliver it direct to your door, frozen, in 4 XXL coolers. We ship on dry ice and stand behind our products and process 100%. We will get your beef delivered to you, safely and in great condition.

If you’re looking for the ultimate beef solution, you just found it!!

Customer Reviews

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James Lamonte

Had some hamburger, and rib eye steaks, great flavor.

Andrew Grant
It's what's for dinner

These guys follow through. Their beef is high quality, way better than what's offered in my local grocery store. I'd say restaurant quality, but I'd be wrong. "Fancy restaurant quality" would be more accurate. My only problem is having to figure out what to order when I go out. Because there's no sense in ordering inferior meat at a restaurant, when I have a freezer full of top quality meat at home.