5oz Prestige® Chuck Tenderloin (4 or 8 pk)

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Aged 35 Days
Hand cut and trimmed
USDA Choice (or Prime – we combine them all on this cut)
Individually packaged for convenience

The Chuck Steak is not common in grocery stores. It is a great little steak that is cut from a piece of meat called the chuck tenderloin. This steak is cut from a muscle group called the Teres Major. It is found in the Chuck region of the beef, just forward of the ribeye. The Chuck Tenderloin is also referred to as a "Mock Tenderloin" as it is very similar to the Filet Mignon in both appearance and tenderness. The yield of these steaks per head of beef is very low, so we will sell them as they are available. If you find them in stock, and want to order, don't hesitate.

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