3.9oz Signature® Horseradish Prime Rib Rub

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This flavor goes with steak like peas go with carrots. It’s a classic. It is designed to add an accent to the flavor of a steak, it’s not overpowering.

1 – 3.9oz Bottle

One of the most classic condiment flavors in a convenient bottle. It's not overpowering and adds great flavor to your steak. It's particularly well suited for Ribeyes and Prime Rib, but it's great on lots of other steaks too.

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Horseradish Prime Rib Rub

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Donna Wright
Prime rib roast

I cooked the roast to 135 on meat thermometer. We bought the prime roast so I figured if I bought the top of the line it would be very tender. Wrong. There wasn’t any waste to the roast but I sure thought it would be more tender.