1.5oz Original Slab Jerky Bag

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A savory blend based on our “Signature® Seasoning” that we developed for steak. It isn’t spicy or salty, it just tastes good. If you like a flavor that everyone can agree on this is your jerky.

Original flavor jerky is based on our very popular "Signature™ Seasoning" flavor steak rub.  It's a well balanced flavor that isn't over powering and it balances the natural flavor of beef very well.  All Lucky Beef Jerky starts with our *premium **all natural beef rounds from cattle that we raise near Holdrege, Nebraska.  All of our jerky is made in small batches - less than 200 lbs per batch - and we take a lot of pride in making it the best we can.  Don't let the price fool you, we only sell our jerky online and to numerous high level athletic teams, both collegiate and professional, we're here to make the best jerky and sell it for a fair price.

*by "Premium" we mean that our beef is: single source, all natural, hand selected smaller cattle that result in thicker steaks, hanger aged prior to being wet aged a minimum of 35 days, then expertly cut and trimmed by professional butchers before being flash frozen in special packaging that will allow it to keep for up to 1 year in the freezer.  Most grocery store and butcher shop beef can't compete with that pedigree and level of convenience.

**All Natural means that we do not use MSG, Sodium Nitrite, or Potassium Sorbate in this product, and the beef used in this product is raised without: Antibiotics, Growth Hormones, or any other drug treatment.