1/3lb Prestige® Burger Bundle (10 pkgs. – 40 patties) FREE SHIPPING!!

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10 packages containing (40) 1/3lb Patties

Fresh Ground and quick frozen

5” diameter cooks to perfect bun size

USDA Choice & Higher, No Additives or water added

1/3lb Prestige® patties are a great “all around” pattie, especially when you’re cooking for a group. They are big enough that they never seem “small” like most 1/4lb patties, but they are also not overwhelmingly large. We’ve found 1/3lb patties to be a very nice compromise and we sell a bunch of them in our Angus/Wagyu Fusion line. Our Prestige® line is different than Fusion mainly in that Prestige® is Fresh Ground where as Fusion is made of aged ground beef. Aged ground beef has a more well developed flavor that not everyone likes. Fresh Ground beef is something that most people can usually agree on, from a flavor perspective. If you’re looking for one premium pattie that can “do it all” this is your huckleberry.

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Weight 170 oz

Nutritional Information

80/20 prestige beef