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(5 – 6) lbs

All-Natural: no antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids added.

Our premium angus brisket flats are what pit master's dreams are made of, weighing 5.5 lbs on average they are well marbled, tender and ready for your smoker. Brisket Flats can also be prepared in the oven by conventional methods and provide plenty of premium beef for a very affordable price. Our brisket flats have the point (the fatty half) removed, are trimmed and ready to be seasoned and cooked. NEVER THAW IN A MICROWAVE - this can damage the product. ALWAYS thaw in the fridge or a pan of cold water. DO NOT remove cryovac packaging until product has thawed completely.

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Edward Parker Jr

The guessing was over as to what would be inside the covered box. After pulling back the sealed cover, the truth regarding the U. S. choice brisket flat was revealed. Stared in amazement as the gorgeous marbling filled my eyes. Called for my wife to come to see this beautiful piece of meat. She looked and commented, "What am I looking at?" Oh well, I said, wait till you taste it. Trimmed the brisket to my satisfaction and injected the brisket with our family's injection recipe. Covered the brisket with the same brisket rub used for a generation. Brought the smoker to 225°, and the beautiful brisket was placed in the smoker with anticipation of a wonderful eat. The magic time arrived to pull the brisket from the smoker and lay it to rest for two hours. When the two hours passed, I called the uninterested marbling spouse for a look and a she was very interested. Gave her a slice, and she was heaven. Of course, the chef must try the fruit of his labor, and the tenderness, juiciness, and flavor of the choice brisket rivaled that of the very high-priced Japanese beef that I purchased only a month before the brisket choice. Friends came over that evening for the choice brisket meal, and they commented, "the best brisket they ever put in their mouth." End of story.

Carol Ojeski

It's going to be my Thanksgiving dinner.

David Foote
Best Brisket We've Ever Purchased

The Angus Brisket Flat that we purchased was outstanding. It was larger than advertised (approx. 7.4 lb.) and the trim was excellent. Had very little fat and silver skin to trim off the top side before smoking. Hickory smoked on our Rec Tec pellet smoker for 10.5 hours and rested for 1 hour. The flavor and tenderness was outstanding. We will definitely continue to purchase our briskets and steaks from Nebraska Star Beef.

Raving fans!

We quickly became raving fans after our first order! There has already been another one and there will be more. First order was a brisket flat and 10 individually wrapped pounds of ground beef. Ground beef is exceptional! We put the cast iron griddle on the grill and make smashburgers. Delicious. Smoked the brisket. Best we’ve ever had and we’ve smoked a lot of brisket.’s more expensive than the grocery store. If you can afford it, give this a try. It’s worth it! These people have excellent service and a top shelf product. 

James Travis

It was great. We did a 50 hour sous vide at 135 degrees f. It was amazingly tender.