BBQ Seasoning Kit

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12oz Box

If you like BBQ, you’re going to love our new BBQ flavor Lucky Beef Jerky DIY Jerky making kit. It is a traditional smoky BBQ flavor with just the right blend of sweet & salty. The kit includes all the seasoning and cure necessary for 20 lbs of jerky. Great for venison, beef, fowl, or pork.

Homemade beef jerky is a much more healthy treat than chocolate chip cookies and it’s more fun to make.  Lucky Beef Jerky “Seasoning and Cure Kits” are easy to use and make a great project for the whole family.

The hard work is all taken care of, we designed it into the kits so there is no complicated measuring or weighing of cure. Simply dissolve 1 packet of cure and 1 packet of seasoning into 1 cup of cold water to create a marinade that will cure 5 lbs of lean meat. The kit works equally well for “slab style” jerky or “ground and formed” jerky. If you’re making slab jerky, simply slice 5 lbs of lean meat as consistently as possible and 3/8” thick or thinner, then combine it with the marinade in a zip lock bag and refrigerate for 24 - 36 hours. If you’re making ground and formed jerky, simply mix the marinade with 5 lbs of lean, ground beef until the mixture becomes very sticky, then extrude onto drying racks and cook per the instructions included in the kit.

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