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1 – 28oz Angus Porterhouse
1 – 20oz Angus Bone-In Ribeye
1 – 24oz Angus NY Strip
1 – 22oz Angus T-Bone
1 – 24oz Angus Ribeye

No growth hormones or antibiotics

Aged 35 Days for Ultimate Flavor

USDA Choice American Angus

28oz Porterhouse - this steak is a full portion of NY Strip and Filet Mignon connected to the bone it grew on.  This is an impressive steak any way you slice it. (Pun intended) 

20oz Bone In Ribeye - a perennial favorite, our 20oz Bone In Ribeye is cut thick and trimmed perfectly.  It will knock the socks off the most fickle steak connoisseur. 

24oz NY Strip - twice as big as our “standard” NY Strip, this steak is cut to nearly 3” thick and cooks up like a dream.  These are steaks your guests will not soon forget.

22oz T-Bone - no, T-Bones and Porterhouses are not the same.  They are both cut from the short loin, but the T- Bone has a smaller portion of Filet Mignon along with the full portion of NY Strip. 

24oz Ribeye -  this massive, nearly 3” thick boneless ribeye will dominate any grill.  The extra thickness makes it super easy to cook perfectly and it’s plenty of steak for two.

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20oz bone-in ribeye


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